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Some of my Favorite Films...

Inspired by annina_writes

Let's see how many weird ones I like.  In no particular order:

The Windslow Boy
The Spanish Prisoner
Jewel in the Crown
Bedrooms and Doorways
The Big Easy
The Indiana Jones movies
The original Star Wars trilogy
Bringing Up Baby
The Philadelphia Story
A Passage to India
The Princess Bride
Young Frankenstein
Any version of Pride and Prejudice
Almost any version of Emma
The Maltese Falcon
The Thin Man
Manhunter (far far better than Silence of the Lambs could ever hope to be)
Bridehead Revisited (geez I bawl through it)
The Lost Prince
Day the Earth Stood Still
A Man for All Seasons
Lion in Winter (original)
Kind Hearts and Coronets (original)
Ladykillers (original)
High Anxiety
The Crying Game
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Room with a View

probably a lot more....


So, when do you list the weird movies?
I could not find any in your list.
I don't know the first two or the fourth. A lot of the others would be on my list, too. :)