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Weird words

aquamanile - a bowl or jug made in the form of an animal or bird... Uhm, fish maybe but animal or bird?  Is the bowl or jar greenish blue in colour?


Good Goddess, where do you get all these wacky words from!!! LOL!!
The one that I have actually seen is reddish and in the shape of a man on horseback. The water pours out of the horse's mouth.
So, technically, one of those whacky milk pitchers shaped like a cow would be an aquamanile?


aqua - because it holds water
manile - because the originals (way back when, before the world was round, and everybody who was anybody spoke Norman-French and Latin ... *sly grin*) things got made in allegorical shapes for display on the high table.

Did you see the bit in the news about the Cellini salaria (http://tinyurl.com/9r42h%22%22) that was recovered from the Viennese woods recently ... how allegorical was that! (and some are MUCH ruder than that, you see them in museums quite frequently!)


pardon, that was me ... CuriousWolf, just in case you needed to know
Chicken-shaped pitchers, used in our house for pre-made martinis at summer parties. Also have gurgling fish jugs.
We have a duck pitcher, and I think a swan too, now that I think about it. No cows.