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Accidental Humor

Gotta love it.

I'm reading a Ghostletters post from the Demon Pniff and I'm reading it in Gmail. The sponsored links show, among other silly things:

W. Pratnicka - Exorcist
30 years of expereince with 25,000 successfully performed  exorcisms.
www.The Exorcisms.com

and the sponsored web clip is:  Hell Does Not Exist - bible-truths.com - And you can prove it. Get the facts See for yourself - The big Hell lie

God sometimes I abosuletly adore those sponsored links....


Wooohaha!! Marvelous!! Thanks for sharing this one!

25.000 successful exorcisms in 30 years. Shame they did not add how many failed. But even then, that would mean this is a very busy person.
It comes down to 2.3 successful exorcisms a day, when working 7 days a week! When taking off the weekends, it is 3.2 exorcisms a day. (No time for vacations in there, of course...)