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So, shall I call a special session of the Council of European Princes and demand they each do a weblog?  Poor Blaine.  He'd dither and moan, although I dare say Olivia would enjoy it. As for Genevieve, I'm not entirely certain she even knows what a computer is.




It might be interesting to hear their side of the story, so to speak...

Hi there, I'm Syona, a sometimes shaman and slightly reluctant Messiah. Peased to meet you, I think.
Salve Syona

Are you animal vegetable or mineral? I have two mages (I admit to) on my payroll. Luckily neither of them claims to be a Messiah.

Who are you leading out of the darkness (literal or figurative)?

Animal, human to be precise, or at least I was last time I looked.

I don't claim to be a Messiah, rather I had the position sort of thrust upon me. Angelic choir, pronoucements from on High, the whole deal in fact. I think they'd have thrown in a burning bush too, but there wasn't one handy. Pretty hard to ignore that, plus the whole, "able to do miracles" thing...

Hmm... haven't tried raising the dead yet... must pencil that in when I get the oppertunity.

As for leading people out of the darkness. That's kinda harder, more, kinda bringing enlightenment to the world, rather than leading. At least, I think that's the idea. I'm not exactly clear on the details just now, TPTB tend to be a bit cryptic even to their chosen. Plus, they sorta assume you know what they're talking about, even if you don't.

So, vampire prince huh? Must make having a social life kinda probabmatical at times.
I understand the idea of having a position thrust upon you. I didn't set out to become the Prince of Italy, after all. In fact I told Claude to shove it when he first presented the idea to me. Things would be far simpler if I'd never acquiesced.

Well, there are a lot of us who are stuck in the darkness. In fact we've come to like it, although I confess I miss seeing the sun on Tuscan fields.

Yeah, I always felt that would be a drawback to being a vampire, no sunlight. I suffer from seasonally affected depression [or I did, not so sure now], so what good would eternity be, if i was bloody depressed all the time?!

Oh, and TPTB is shorthand way of saying The Powers That Be... which is a way of saying every single darn divine being you ever heard of, and some more besides, actually do exist.

It's kinda complicated, but what it amounts to is that the Divine Source, the Godhead, is infinatey complicated, and ungraspable by mere mortal minds. Hence we tend to see it as whatever we expecting to see... Which in a way means that every single religion is both right, and wrong.

Ordinarily that wouldn;t be a problem for a Messiah, stick to whatever's popular at the time and express your message in those terms. However, I had to go and be bloody clever here, and call mysef a nondenominal Messiah, covering all faiths, past and present.

Talk about religion by commitee. Gives me a flippin' headache it does.

Anyway, not doing the evangelical bit, mainly because they nark me off as much as anyone else, but if you'd like to be able to walk in the sunlight, it can be arranged. I could probably swing it that you wouldn't have to give up being a vampire, although certain conditions would probably apply. There's no such thing as a free lunch after all...
Just think it over.
"As for Genevieve, I'm not entirely certain she even knows what a computer is."

Minions. The minions know. "Here's my (paper) journal. Log what's new."
Hah! No doubt true!
Do not be ridiculous, cherie, I do not have... minions. I have ... assistants. Friends. Helpers. Loyal staff. Le Societe des Gardiens.
RODRIGO has minions.