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Villa Medici

Some of you might know that my family was murdered by the Medici back in the first few years of the14th century. I survived because at the time I was a novitiate at the Carthusian charterhouse La Certosa Di Montebenedetto. I was 12 at the time.

In retaliation I set about murdering quite a few of them (some before and some after I was turned). 

One of the things I also did was purchase my favourite one of their former properties for my own use. I rather like the irony (even if few appreciate it but me) of having my main residence as the Villa Medici. It is in Fiesole and overlooks Florence.

Since my show-off scribe posted a picture of her house I'll include a link to what my Villa looks like.  As you can see, it is located on a rocky hill, and there are numerous passageways and hidden rooms carved into that rock.  One of the things I did when I purchased it was to hunt down any and all blueprints or other drawings depicting those hidden passageways.  Safer that way and they have saved my life more than once.


Nice digs... you get cable?
I prefer satellite myself. Italian television leaves a bit to be desired.
Nice place for a summer retreat!!
Niiice... and if nothing else, all those nooks and crannys would be handy to store wine in... er, assuming you can drink wine that is.

Incidently, did all that vengence make you feel any better? Just you sound rather matter of fact about it all.
yes, I can drink wine. I use the nooks and crannies to store other things than wine though.

Vengeance, well, the first two or so felt pretty good. After that it was rather clinical. As the only surviving member of the family it was my duty, you see.

And yes, if someone kills someone I care about I'd do it nowadays too.

I love secret passageways and hidden rooms! I wonder if you have found them all . . . Looks like a lot of rock. Sonar techniques might work. You might want to train your own technicians. Or learn yourself . . . It's not that you don't have some time you could spend learning.

I wonder if such techniques could be used from a distance. By others.