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View from my computer desk View from my computer desk

Above my head Above my head

This is the newer (by about 8 years) section of the house. As you can see, the wall between the bedroom and the computer room/office does not go to the ceiling.

I hate closed spaces and we wanted as much light and openness as possible. Yes, we designed the house ourselves. No, probably no one will like it but us. So what. We plan to live here until we can't and we wanted what we wanted, not what we thought someone in the future would buy.

Oh, the stained 'glass' was done by a friend of ours. Cool, isn't it.


I really like the one that's on the top right hand corner of the book case, under the two swans.
Is that a glebe?
Close. It's a grebe. One of MY decoys...
knew it was a word like that, heh. :)
You really live in a great looking house. Really nice. :-)
Thanks Paul. you should have seen the shack we lived in here on the bayou until we could build this. Oi...
Cool, isn't it.

Yes, definitely. Reminds me of my maunderings about our porch at the cottage. (But you don't maunder.)