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Weird Words

Behind again:

Saturday/Sunday of last weekend:  Vimineous - from a Latin word, meaning "made of wicker."  Vimineous Man... No it just doesn't have the right ring...

Monday: Glaistig - A gaelic word for a beautiful fairy, usually seen at the bank of a stream.  Also, a hag in the shape of a goat.  Wow. Talk about your opposites.  And why would you use an ugly word for a beautiful fairy?

Tuesday: Criticaster - A minor or incompetent critic. Yo! Adrian!  Listen up! 
                                - the ending -aster used to describe anyone inept at anything thus: poetaster
                               - how about forcaster?   Heh

Wednesday:  Aristotle :  Australian rhyming slang for bottle.  Oi!  Other examples of Australian rhyming slang include:
                                                          Joe Blake for 'snake'
                                                          jim-mygrant for 'immigrant'
                                                         mollythe monk  for 'drunk'

Thursday: Douzepers : A plural noun, being the twelve pladins of Charlemagne, who were the bravest of his knights.  The word now can
                                          refer to other illustrious knights or nobles.  "Yo, Douzepers."  Right. Sure... They'd run you through thinking you
                                         were cursing them!
                                         how about Austrailan rhyming slang for 'lepers'

Friday:  Vapulatory :  An adjective meaning 'relating to flogging.'  Unsurprisingly from the Latin word for "to be beaten."

Today and tomorrow :  Quangocrat : A word found mostly in British English for a petty beaurocrat who works at a 'Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation'  Hah.  Good acronym.


If only you'd known "valupatory" a few chapters ago...
or however the heck you spell it... tired...
Is Homo viminus perhaps any better? ;-)
much better!