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Indiana on track for 'God' license plates - World News - Webindia123.com:
Indiana on track for 'God' license plates
Indianapolis | February 10, 2006 12:01:13 AM IST

An Indiana Senate committee has approved a bill that would create an In God We Trust license plate.

The plates would be voluntary. The measure was sent to the full Senate for a vote with only one dissent, WISH-TV reported.

Republican Rep. Woody Burton sees the law as an antidote to a recent court ruling that found that prayers at the beginning of state legislative sessions violated the First Amendment, because many of them are specifically Christian.

But Lindsey Mintz of the Jewish Community Relations Council called the license plate bill concerning and a waste of time.

So does this mean that if I lived in Indiana I could demand an "Isis! Isis! Ra! Ra! Ra!" license plate?

And then a "WWFSMD" tag? (What would the Flying Spaghettie Monster Do)

And how about a WWED? (What would Erik Do) - for none POTO maniacs that is Erik, the Phantom of the Opera


WWED? That's what I need!

(We have a family joke that E has installed himself in my house. He borrows things. Then he puts them back in plain sight. He has been known to borrow money from my purse and return it several weeks later, putting it in my coat pocket. No family members can be responsible because currently I live alone. To find anything the accepted method is to stand in the middle of the room and ask him, politely, in French, to return it. This usually happens within a couple of days except for books which he doesn't approve of, which vanish permanently)

I'd love to see a Salam licence plate with WWHD? What Would Hecate Do?
Or one with a little pentagram for that matter...

Otherwise we are slowly but steadily heading towards a USA Theocratic dictaorship in all but name.