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I found this site  because of a post that spoke of the power of the pictures. But what I focused on was the words above the pictures.

So Christianity really  all about the Violence?  Is it?  From my 20 years in the Air Force I will say that this is typical of the thinking there. God's righteous wrath and we, of course, have every right to wield it for Him. 


"My daughter the theologian" really does need to have her own lj; if she did she could speak for herself instead of me saying for her (and for myself) that the verses quoted are totally irrelevant to Christianity. I shall not pass on what she actually says about anybody who calls themself a Christian and says anything like that.
I have just never gotten the whole God's on my side and not on thine thing, you know?

From the outside, what is the difference between the people who wrote that website and Al Quada? We have bigger bombs amd fancier airplanes.

I guess I just wish all the decent folk would take their religions back from the lunatics. Or, at least stand up and shout that these folks are not speaking for me.

Bill Bennett (Republican moraliser) was on CNN and said that Islam should be judged by its actions and it was violent religion because of the few Mulsims rioting. So does that mean I should think Catholicism, his religion, is all about pedophile priests? Don't these people see their own hypocrisy?

I'd really like to hear more from folks like your daughter. It would give me hope that the world isn't full of fundamentalists.
God (NT style) definitely isn't on my side/thy side. This is the stage at which people miss the point of the Good Samaritan story; you can please yourself whether you cast the victim as an Israeli and his rescuer as a Palestinian or vice versa, but that's the situation being talked about. The answer to "Who is my neigbour?" is "Someone belonging to a group you have always been taught to hate, and who has been taught to hate you."

Furthermore, when Peter tried to defend Christ from arrest and what he knew would be a ghastly death (and bear in mind that Peter was not at that time aware of what would happen next) Christ not only told him off in no uncertain terms for using a weapon in His personal defence but healed the man Peter had injured.

Yes, it is time religions were reclaimed from the extremists. My own views are too much based in Late Antiquity for me to be anything but sceptical about Popes, but the current one has been saying some interesting things about love versus hate. In other posts, I've been trying to do my bit, but I get the feeling that many people are afraid to; say "These people do not speak for all Christians, and particularly not for me" and one is liable a) to be labelled non-Christian and b) come under various forms of attack.

Mind you, "my daughter the theologian" is scary: very often her attitudes are not what people expect, given her firm devotion to the New Testament. For one thng, she always looks at the Greek. For another, she has a good idea of society at the time. In consequence, she views homophobia as unChristian.