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Gotta give it to Dubya.  He's finally found a principle!!! WooooHoooo!

If the US Congress tries to pass a law to block his buds from taking over the US, pardon, I mean taking over US port security, he'll VETO it!

Am I impressed for what!

Next, sell the US Army to the Russians!  Why not?  Think what his commission would be!



Lets outsource our government

why not .. we can get a congressman to work for 100 bucks a month from a poor country

Now there's an idea... I wonder if we could get enough people over here interested in buying back the US!

We could hold jumble or carboot sales and bake sales to raise the money... heck we could even get Blue Peter to make it their collection of the year!

Jolly good idea, what!
Just when a person has been lulled into the idea that Gee Dabya can't possibly make things worse, he proves this person wrong...
What a strange ideas this guy harbours.