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Physical Therapy

Today was my first full appointment, since the therapist was out sick all last week.

We started with a warm up on the stationary bike, did some stretches and then she went to work.  I told her that the two massages had left me very tender and in a good deal of pain in one particular area on my hip.  So she adjusted things to try to work on that area but not set it off quite so badly.

First she did some massage, but not nearly as hard as had been done before.  Then ultra sound massage, followed by TENS at the same time as she placed a hotpack on my back.

When I got home I was feeling really out of it.  Mostly kind of ... well, just disconnected a bit. Tried to lay down but that one place on my hip began to throb so instead I took a hot shower and have felt much better since. 

I know, I know.. this is good for me....

My hip is not hurting as badly as it did last week after therapy so that is a good thing...


I hope you are feeling much better again. Many people underestimate the effect of a massage that is performed well. (I have learnt how to do massages.) At first you may think 'is that all?', but the deeper effect kicks in later. As you discovered.
The 'disconnected' feeling can happen because not only muscles but also nerves are treated. And when you are not used to that, this can be a bit confusing.

Good luck!!