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The Lunatic Fringe

After 5 years of Bush appointing idiots to positions where they can destroy my country, one would think I had passed well beyond shock at what is going on.  One would be wrong. 

I can't believe this. 

The religious right "have waged a quiet war against some critical vaccines, especially against Human papillomavirus or HPV. A vaccine exists against this virus that would drastically reduce the numbers of cervix cancer cases. The religious right opposes it as a mandatory childhood vaccination, because it removes a disincentive to having sex:"

Well, yes I can... But... but... How can ANYONE support this shit?


Hmmm... and yet they support Viagra. Methinks I doth detect a double standard.

Damn idiots, want to bet if it was them with dick-rot or cooter-mange they'd be popping the pills fast enough. It's like their attitude to abortion, the only moral one is theirs.
This is downright staggering. They indeed would rather kill people off (that is what they do, bottom line) than allow them to have sex.
This is completely beyond me... I must have missed the declaration of war from the US gov't against the people of the United States.