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Quick! Avert Your Eyes! Bird Sex!!!

it appears we do finally have martins taking up residence in our fancy new martin house.  In fact, I was treated to watching two of them have sex.  She's been hopping in and out of the various apartments, apparently deciding which one has the best veiw.

There were at least four martins there, but they hop around so much it's sometimes hard to count them.  I did see three at once, so I'm assuming the fourth was checking out the apartments on the other side of the house that I can't see all that well.

Woooo Hoooo!  This is a brand new martin house, and we even bought an owl guard, since owls have, for the last few years, been attacking and stealing the little ones.  Hopefully these will be safe from that at least.


You really are having fun, aren't you? With the birds and the flowers and the sunshine and all... I wonder how come!! *grin*