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Words, Words, Words

I'm only a month and a half behind on posting Weird and wonderful words. SOME people are such nags ;-)

1. Sleck : soft mud, ooze. Finer and softer than sludge. I am sooo going to use this word some time.

2. Asseclist : An attendant or follower.. Oh man, even better! Hints that it "alludes to sooooo much more..." From the Latin. Where is that Latin dictionary...Rats, not in mine.

3. Lubitorium - a service station. No doubt right next to the vomitorium.

4. Emunctory : Relating to the blowing of the nose.Ewwww. From the Latin. What a surprise. Emunct means a man of keen scent. Ah.

5. Upaithric - an adjective meaning "having no roof." My upaithric house barely survived Katrina... A synonym is hypaethral. Hey! From the GREEK! meaning 'under the sky'


Thanks for posting these.........

as a writer, I like to see unfamiliar words.

Re: Thanks for posting these.........

dare you to use asseclist.


Asseclists are good at creating order out of disorder. They also are experts in nondescriptive computer programming languages and so make a hell of alot more money than me:)

Re: OK


Do I pass or......

do I have to make up a vampire character that's also a computer programming expert? Hmmm, doesn't sound too bad. I'll add that to my writing notebook. Thanks:)

Re: Do I pass or......

And would they use C++ or B+? *g*


that's what came up when I went searching in google. supposedly, it had t do with java programming.

Re: actually......

This is starting to sound too much like work. (I work in an engineering and computer science library, lol.)
Still, no reason why a vampire couldn't be a computer programmer. Everyone knows programmers are strange. Many work at nights and are not notably social. It could be an interesting character to develop. You could make lots of bad matrix jokes, too.