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Weird and Wonderful Words

1. astrobleme - an eroded remnant of a large, ancient crater made by the impact of a meteorite.  Comes from the Gree words for 'star' and 'wound'.  Not such an odd one. I've heard it and used it.

2. bablatrice - a female babbler.  Charterestre is a synonym.  Added bit of goodness:  a leighster is a female liar.  Uhm.... from  _Gone with the Wind_ maybe?   - Just joking...

3. wabbit - a Scottish word meaning exhausted or slightly unwell. It's origin is uncertain.  I vote for a wobbly wabbit...  Where was Watership Down exactly?

4.  limicolous - living in the mud.  Hey, too bad Peter Gabriel didn't know this word.  Comes from the Latin for 'mud' and 'to inhabit'  Related adjective is limicoline .  Something that lives in a freshwater lake or pond, not near the muddy edges or bottom is limnetic from the Greek for 'living in the marshes'

5. exauctorate - (checked that spelling thrice_ - to depose or oust from office, to deprive of authority. From the Latin, 'to dismiss from service.'


"bablatrice" surprises me unless it's from Italian; I would have expected "bablatrix"

I enjoy the word updates.......

thanks for posting:)

Somehow, I doubt that's going to catch on as a slogan.
yeah.. I was gonna say that...

Defenistrate Bush Now! Entirely different matter altogether!