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So today, the 26th, is our anniversary. 26 years. Wow....

We were married on the beach in North Carolina. At the time, the Hatteras
light house was the furthest eastern point on the barrier islands, and the
only way to get to it was by 4 wheel drive across the sands. (it has since
been moved inland since the point has eroded away)

We'd have liked to be married by a Justice of the Peace but in NC you had to
use a preacher. We found a lady pastor who agreed to do it, although she
hesitated when she found out Jim had been divorced. She was reassured
though, when he pointed out it had been 7 years since he'd been divorced
from his first wife and this was obviously not a decision he'd come to

When we went to Manteo, the county seat, to get the license the little old
lady who waited on us was appalled when I asked her what I had to do to keep
my own name. She huffed and muttered, "Why bother to get married if you're
going to keep your own name!" Jim and I laughed out loud. Back in those
days this was almost unheard of, and nearly universally frowned upon in the
southern countryside.

We wore shorts and tee shirts and got married at sunset. The poor lady
preacher went hoarse trying to scream the words over the sound of the surf.

I was pretty well looped. I was having second thoughts and was nervous as
hell, so drinking seemed the right way to deal with it.

We camped out that week in tents at a small campground not too far away. We
had to truck in the booze since Dare County was a dry county. We got
married on the next to last day of the vacation, since it was a Saturday and
some of our friends from Virginia who couldn't come out for the entire week
could come out for the weekend celebration.

We had an after wedding reception at......... wait for it..... Kentucky
Fried Chicken. Why, you ask? Because it was the only restaurant open near
the campground!

Lots of memories over 26 years. Some bittersweet, some painful, some
hilarious, some indescribable.


Let's try this again. it was 78 that was the good year, alhto I've nothing whatever against 87. Duh.