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I've just turned the air-conditioning on.  It is April 3rd.  Normally, we do not need it before May.  We seem to have skipped over spring.

That is all....



I'd settle for something vaguely resembling spring *turns fire up as hail rattles on the window*
Where are you, sollersuk?
Have a look at my blog, some lovely spring photos there!
Seven miles east of Manchester, on the edge of the Peak District.
Oh, cool, you're in England. :)
Air-conditioning? Spring? No no no no no...

Rain. Wind. Hail. Cold hands and cold feet. Turning up the heating a few more notches so it is not that chilly inside, and making sure there are enough covers on the bed too.

You are definitely doing something wrong.
Turn up the *heating*? I live in a two-up-two-down 19th century ex miner's cottage with a bathroom built onto the back of the kitchen. I have a gas fire in the sitting room, a blow heater in the bedroom and another in the bathroom. I am also resolutely ignoring the weather.
Oh yes, I turn up the heating in my small 20th century apartment. With daytime temperatures still around 10C... Lacking physical 'insulation' it is something I have to do. *grin*
I do wear an extra sweater, so I don't have to turn up the heat too much.
oh too bad for you! What do you expect when you live in Florida?

We're expecting snow showers during the week. And, I don't mind, because I'm not quite ready to give up my comforter on my bed...yet.


I would be satisfied just to get some shade outside my living room windows ... the spousal unit would like an air-conditioner, but he's out of luck *evil grin*

Back up to the balmy 30s by the weekend ... at least its not 40plus any more!
When it does rain the air smells like a fine wine. Marvellous!

PS - that's degrees Celcius BTW ...