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Elections in Florida

Tuesday is the Florida Primary. I'll be working, and have just been
informed I'll be working in a different precinct because we are so short of
poll workers.

I keep reading all these new articles about squads of lawyers and observers
being sent to Florida. And we can't find enough people to work the polls?
Why don't those organizations concentrate on getting people to volunteer to
spend their day, 6am to 9ish at night actually making democracy work, rather
than standing around "watching?"

I'm a card carrying member of most of the organizations sending lawyers
(lets hope they leave the guns and money at home) so I don't disagree with
their outlook. And I'm the first one to admit there are places and methods
in use to squelch the black vote (but enhance the Cuban vote). I've heard
of intimidation tactics in some counties. There were even entirel polling
places not opened during the 2000 election where heavy black votes were

Still, I think the best way to avoid the repeat that was the 2000 Florida
disaster is to make sure your guys are on the inside, not on the outside
looking in. That was what spurred me to volunteer to do this.