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So? So? So?

Impatiently awaiting a Doctor Who update!!!!!


I am in love!!!!!!!

(do you want spoilers???)
oooooo!!! new doc done good???!?!

no spoilers yet, please... I'm hoping to download a torrent.
well, I think it is very much a matter of taste, but lets say he is to my taste (both loks as way he acts the Doctor, or the Doctor he acts, however you should phrase it).

oh it is difficult to say something without letting any spoiler slip.
I assume you've seen the Christmas special?
yes, indeed, I've seen the Christmas special! Loved him there.
oh you will keep on loving
New dr Who done very good. Don't worry, you won't be disappointed.
I hope you can catch a download soon. :-)

Cats can be cool. But these were not so neat (but great to look at!).
Ha! Paul! I didn't realize you were a fan! Coolness!
I have seen most of at least 4 Dr Who series. The one I absolutely found the best was the one with the load of brown curly hair and the extremely long colourful shawl.

I even have the Tardis-sound as the default ringtone on my cell-phone. How low can you go. ;-)