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The Bayou

My valiant visitor from Kamloops arrived safe and sound.  She is on a round-the-world tour and dropped in for an evening to see the Bayou.

I gave her a quick precis on Florida plants that survive in sand with salt water intrusion  (hint: not many flowers survive that), she got to see where all the boats crashed duirng the hurricanes, she got a ride in the pontoon boat around the bayou and some of the bay, got a great picture of our local osprey (who nicely attempted to poop on us), got to see green herons and goats and pelicans and terns and laughing gulls.  No dolphins though dammit.  She also got pictures of the Lori Ann, from which we got the fresh shrimp we had for dinner.

Sooooo disappointed. Yet another friend I made through the internet and she is not an axe-murderess. Nor a dog (that New Yorker cartoon should be put on our deep space probes I swear). Nor a vampire prince.  Rats. :-)

We had a good time and I hope she did too.


I know where Kamloops is, being a former Vancouver resident. Nice.
I've had pretty good luck with *internet friends*, stayed at the home of at least three I can think of. They weren't axe-murderers or perverts or anything. I'm sure that happens, and I'm always careful. In fact two years ago I went to the Atlantic Maritimes with someone I'd corresponded with on email for nearly 10 years. She was a real sweetie.

Sounds like a great trip...I'm jealous!

Memo to self: should I actually ever be able to afford that trip to Florida, pack my axe.

glad you had a good time.......

so finding a vampire axe-murderer must be really hard, right?:)

Re: glad you had a good time.......

hah! I'm still looking!


Yes, yes, YES, I had a super time, thank you. You've changed my understanding of bayou country for ever. Never EVER thought I'd ride in a pontoon boat: a very nice laid back afternoon/evening. What a lovely home you all have (and the ducks). Still dreaming about the shrimp.
Sorry, had to leave the axe at home - border patrol wouldn't have liked it .
Cheers, hugs and thanks to you, Jim and the dogs (as well as the shrimp, goats and poopy osprey) Lindley