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School Reunion!

Oh, fabulous!   Yes, I had tears too...  So cool.....  And to think I was afraid I wouldn't like David Tennant after Chris Eccelson.  Hah!

Very different, but in a great way.


and it was soooo cool to see Sarah Jane Smith!!! (and K9)

I like her from the Big Finish audio adventures she stars in.

And did you spot Micky trying to hack into Torchwood???

oooh. I like the scene at the swimmingpool. Do you think the Doctor was tempted (in the kitchen scene)? I can hardly think so. I did like him saying "I am sooo old now. I used to have so much mercy." Yes definately the doctor and not just a pretty clown (though I love pretty clowns as well).
oh yes, lovely scene by the pool. and the anger was there behind his eyes. He was there all right.

But the line that really cracked me up was Mickey's

"Oh, mate, the missus and the ex. Welcome to every man's worst nightmare."
I am glad you got to see it, and that you liked it as well. I am going to program the VCR for next week's run also, as we will be in Crete then. (Yeah, it sucks to be us... ;-)



You are so Cruel!! I don't get to see them until Aunty ABC in Oz broadcasts them, and heaven knows when that will be!

Sarah-Jane? *wistful sad eyes*

If you have a broadband connection Curious, you should look into http://bittorrent.com

This is how I'm getting to see them, gods know if they will ever be shown here in the US.

It takes four or five hours to download the bittoorent, but at the end I have the episodes so I can live with that.

And oh, it was wonderfullllllll