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Battle Cry

What exactly is the difference between us and AlQaeda again?


Urm... we don't wear towels wrapped around our heads?
No, wait... I'll get this...
We're supposed to be bombing, torturing, and regime-changing in the name of freedom..? [and if they don't like it, we'll liberate them to death!]
Because our Glorious Leaders say we are!?
I guess not...

Tell me again, why using orbital weapons to bomb the hell of the idiots on both sides is a bad idea?!
when I browsed trough the 'generation at risk' section (also inviting us to make a battle cry) it seemed they were mainly concerned about sex. Keepers/restricters of female/teen-age sexuality, it seems a popular theme with people off that ilk (both the Al Quaida and the Jezus-huggers).

But I refuse to have this described as them and us. I am no part of these battle cry folks, I have no plans at all to become so, nor do I have any plans to become so or of Al Qaida for that matter. Yes I am aware that unwillingly things happen in my name, my recourses go towards actions I abhor, but please let us in our minds and in our speech hold the room open for those of the third party, of the people from that camp and this camp who would wish with whole their hearts that there were no camps. Even if it is a little thing we can do, lets do it.