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So, one Republican president famously said, "Tear down this wall!"  and we all celebrated when East Germany fell.

Now another Republican president is erecting the same wall along the US/Mexican border, and we know that NSA = Stasi  with its millions of records of US citizen communications. 

Uhm, yo Libertarians?  Can you hear me now?



I'm sorry the Libertarians are unable to take your call at this time. Please hold while you are redirected to the Anarchists!


here are the capitalists, we are glad to be of service, this call will cost circa 1 doler per minute, please stay on hold while listening to our annoying music

it is me

sorry comrade, I got logged out

Re: it is me

I hate when that happens.

Re: it is me

its like a form of identity erasure.
It's made worse because my computer/LJ website keeps insisting I am in fact my father. (I once made him a LJ acount since he insisted on not being able)