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What do the Davinci Code and the Harry Potter books ...

...have in common?

A dedicated, madness-crazed, hysterical and angry mob all screaming about how they are full of historical errors, how they attack religion, and especially how dangerous they are.

Of course they are all works of fiction too, but apparently that is of no consequence.

One person wrote that Dan Brown is cowardly hiding behind the excuse "it is just a novel."  Sounds just like all those religious fanatics attacking Harry Potter for secretly trying to brainwash children to believe in witchcraft.

The only sense I can make out of all this, is that the mere idea of a woman being an important part of the foundation of Christianity is so threatening, some people have totally lost their marbles.


Never thought of it that way. With DaVinci Code, I just figured that the people who are protesting it are those who TRULY believe the Bible is the Word of God and there is no room for interpretation. (Never mind the fact that if you read different translations of the Old Testament, you come across 'facts' that you never knew existed so I'm sure it's that way with the New Testament). And you know, I'll bet Dan Brown laughs up his sleeve every time there is more controversy about his book. FREE publicity!

As for the Harry Potter stuff, if it wasn't so funny it would be sad. My friend Andrea is Christian, and she will not let her son read the Harry Potter books. Zakk is a good smart boy, and I'm sure he'd enjoy them.
Yup, they've lost it...
but then they've spent the best part of 2000 years running women down and caling them whores etc..
so somebody saying that one of them might have had an important central role, of course is a threat...

It's almost as threatening as some guy coming along and saying;
"hey lets be nice to people for a change..."
and they nailed him to a cross!
Check this out if you like:

Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman. He's a serious big-time theologian who was a fundie but after digging into the NT, realized it's bunk with no original copies of the gospels, errors compounded over centuries and just-plain made-up parts that were later inserted.

yeah, I find it sad.......

that people are arguing about fiction books.