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Gary DeMar stated he’d execute gays only if they were caught indulging in sodomy, but others who envision sinners in line for the death penalty would include women who commit adultery or lie about their virginity, blasphemers, witches, children who strike their parents, and gay men. Thus, DeMar is considered somewhat of a liberal in this extreme authoritarian movement.>>>

I keep thinking that I'm imagining all this. Then I run across an article like this.

How very Christ-like.


i am continually amazed by the ways in which humanity can pervert faith...
I will take peoples sexual perversions over the perverion of a peaceful faith any day!
Ok, that's it...
Somehow, I'm building a smiting machine... because dammmit, someone has to knock some sense into these people!!
I am afraid I missed the existence of mister DeMar (guess that I didn't miss much good). At least in the Koran you need 4 (male & Islamic) witnesses to condemn someone. Not that that is not sometimes interpreted fluidy.

Why not just execute everyone who breaths. Lets see if the administration of the pearly gates can handle the extra work.