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Hurricane Prep took a fairly good turn today. The electrician and the gas contractor showed up today as scheduled and the generator is in place and all hooked up. One minor glitch. The gas is done incorrectly. They will be out to fix it in the morning.  Then we need an inspection by the county, then we are good to go. Altho I do understand we have a break-in period where the electician will have to be here for a bit.

It was hotter than poop today and we were without power for a couple of hours so I was sitting outside where I got a fairly good breeze in the shade.


I am thinking "hurricane prep" equates with a fully stocked wine cellar!

heh. wish I could just get juiced up during them. alas, seeing massive waves coming at your house is a bit too horrifying.

We are now in a mandatory evacuation zone. They've changed the designation for much of our area after Katrina.

Ah well. There is no way in hell Jim would leave.