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Religion and Who Needs It

In case you are living under a rock somewhere and missed this, here is Stephen Colbert talking to a Republican politiican who is sponsoring a bill to put the 10 commandents into all public buildings.

Of course, if YOU can't remember all of them, I guess we all need to have them on display right?


I read an interview with Stephen where he said these are often like three hour conversations just to get to the two minute bit he wants to put on the air.

3 for 10, not good. No wonder the guy wants them up on the wall - so he can help remember them.
if you put up the 10 (Christian) commandments in public buildings, wouldn't it be fair to put up the 'life-rules' of ALL the other religions in the country?

(big walls, small print)


New or old covenant?

I'm always fascinated by the insistance of TEN commandments. Because they come from the OLD covenant with the Hebrews/Jewish peoples.

There is sufficient evidence (Matthew and Luke I think) that the NEW covenent, the one these so-called Christians are given, actually ennunciates only SIX commandmants ... the last six.

I've always thought that yelling about your beliefs is much easier than actually living them ... *cynical look*

- watching the same sort of idiocy invade my country where it never was before ... probably because politicians are just as fashion/trend driven as the rest of us *sigh*