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Inksplots! Special Edition, the Vampire Ball!

so we had a v-party on our list quillings. some of you have read some of annef  and my fiction.  Our characters (some of them at least) came to the party, which was the Vampire Prince Ball.  Thought a few of you might get a kick out of the retelling of the party by the gossip rag to the supernatural community, Inksplots!

Vampire Ball!

Vampire Balls happen only once every 100 years or so, so they are a big
deal. All Princes on the Council of European Vampire Princes are
required to attend. This one, for the very first time, was open to all.
And, let us tell you, all showed up!

Attendance was heavy and often. Even Mary Calavicci was allowed out of
the underground prison (you know, the top secret one at Stallion Gate
that none of us are supposed to know about, where Sam leaps for his life
every few weeks or so and becomes a monkey, or a girl, depending? Yeah
that one) where her husband has held her in chains, underground, for the
last few years. As usual, she was far too quiet. We are waiting - we
keep hoping the sainte will put the whammy on the Admiral. Alas, it was
not to be on this night....

Also in attendance along with the princes and their retinues and a
shitload of vampires: Slugman, a bunch of horny young single women, a
bunch of horny but not very bright young men, a djinn, a Highlander, an
elemental mage (a nice contrast for the shamanistic one), one half of a
twin set, two saintes, a bloodling, a goodly number of humans, a fallen
angel, a couple of witches, a number of werewolves, and a Lady of the
Lake. If the editors missed any class of beings, we apologize in
advance. There was a LOT going on, and we, alas, are merely human....
Now on to the details:

The Setting:

La Castillo de la Sombra in Navarre, Spain, is the main bachelor pad of
the Prince of Spain, Rodrigo Longorio de Quinones.

No one seems to remember, ever, him actually have a relationship last
more than a few months. But we learnt from the staff that he indeed can
and will put out, especially for his loaned hostess, Helena Romanov.
More on that later.

The castle is beautiful, with gorgeously lit gardens that perfume the
air with the scents of Spanish fly.. oops, not quite that... Anyway,
lots of nice flowers, but as the editors aren't big on gardening, we
haven't a clue what kind of flowers they were. But this month our
sister magazine, *Power Gardening*, will be doing a feature on Castillo
de la Sombra.

Highlights of the Evening:

Normal sorts of unimportant guests (i.e. anyone other than a Prince, and
your Inksplots! spy) arrived first and were announced at the door by a
rather loud-mouthed retainer (well, yes, there were a few late-comers).
It was amazing, really, that retainer; you could hear his booming voice
all over the castle. Obviously this is a sex-specific job. Can't imagine
a woman's voice carrying quite that well.

The real fun stuff began with the introduction of the Princes. (we are
ignoring fashion details - we understand *RAGS*, our sister
publication, is covering that thoroughly)

The host Rodrigo, with the nubile not to mention hot Helena of Russia on
his arm as his hostess, was announced first.

Then came Hans of Austria et al first as befits the oldest of Princes.
No, he doesn't look a day over 35.

Next Kalonice of Greece with the shamanistic mage ( and sworn grand mage
to France) Julian Vaurien on her arm, looking scrumptious, I might add.

Then Blaine of England - not in a kilt alas - followed by Prince
Genevieve of France with a rakish looking pirate on her arm.

Prince Monique of Belgium had the grand mage of Russia, Rawdon Crawley,
on her arm and yes, he looked rather crawly. Brrrr.

Yves of Switzerland came with his consort, and Wilhelm of Germany had
the guy with the nicest smile in the world, Orsino Fonti, on his arm.

Even Pavaali, Ikea spokesvamp, had a date!

Then Russia, newest and bloodiest prince, came striding in looking
mightily pleased with himself.

Last, late as always (but at least wearing shoes), came Carmine of Italy
with Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, and Siren of All, on his arm. That
had been expected. What wasn't was: the announcement of Nimue as *CONSORT!*

The place went silent. Shock set in. Julian Vaurien, jilted lover and
still wearing that broken heart on his sleeve, took it like a man! Go


Next of course, things got interesting....

What Prince got dumped by her escort for a card game featuring slugman
and an elf? And what blonde goddess did that escort escort home instead
of said prince?

Which two weres peed on the carpet - er the draperies. If you can't
potty-train the doggie leave him home!

And just which pirate stole which fork, and who embedded the other fork
in that Spanish security guard's forehead? (no, I'm not making this up)

Where exactly did the Prince of Germany and his date Orsino disappear
to. And we really really wanna know what they were doing there.

How did Zak the bouncer from Hoolihan's manage to escape the threesome
who damn near pulled his clothes off him. And, has Paula forgiven him?

What short mage with light-em-ups danced with a woman's boob in his mouth?

 *See PAGE TWO for additional details, including, the Challenge to a
Duel and a Proposal!*

-------------------------Page 2-----------------

*Dirty Dancing:

There were, as usual, things going on the dance floor that requires an
NC-17 rating.

1. We want to know just what got into a certain chronicler? She was
alllllll (and we do mean allllll) over one of the owners of the Silver

2. Meanwhile the other owner of the Silver Eternity had similar things
in mind with regard to a certain Shamanistic mage. The fallen angel
from Texas (no, not HIM. HE'S no ANGEL) tried to use those sexy wings to
hide behind but WE saw what was going on. We have it on good authority
that lips were involved later when phone numbers were exchanged.

3. And what prince from France had her head on that same mage's shoulder
during a slow dance that featured some pretty heavy petting. A pirate
watching from the sidelines was feeling up his sword as he watched it.

4. Yeah, that same mage again, danced one helluva dance with his ex,
the current Consort of Italy. My, my, my. The Prince of Italy had
better look out. (And that same mage went home with a damn sexy
prince. What's he got that We don't got, anyway!)

5. And then the Prince of Italy was dancing cheek to cheek and laughing
with a remarkably loose and uninhibited Prince of France. Rumours were
once again swirling about a certain one of them regretting the words,
"when hell freezes over." Uh HUH! I would too!

And speaking of loosening up, SOMEONE, we won't say just who, spiked the
punch. Gee, what a surprise!!!!! See, even Princes need an excuse to

However, there was collateral damage:

The Prince of France, drunk on her cute little derriere, and trying to
dance hip hop and salsa will be one of our favourite memories of all

Rawdon drunk in a card game with Slugman - not a smart move at all. Not
to mention he dumped his Princely escort and instead picked up that
hottie blonde goddess. Oh, boy, we wouldn't wanna be him.

And then there was the Canadian, eh, who slid down the bannister singing
"Volare" (okay, we made that last part up) and then landed on his knees
in front of his Italian hottie and proposed. We hear she was NOT AMUSED.

Which was about when the bottle rockets started going off. The first
one hit the chandelier, which very nearly landed on the Lady Nimue,
which made the shamanistic mage take action and dive to save her. Only
he missed. And hit someone, and therein lies the beginning of the
ensuing brawl!

And which witch who is summering in Venice slipped out of her clothes so
she could help her friend Julian? Which vampire had a heart attack
watching her mostly bare - no bra and hardly noticeable string bikini
bottoms - body striding purposefully through the mob to wind up and land
a blow for feminism? Her father took things pretty well, we thought.
Before we fainted from the gorgeousness of it all.

So the fight eventually wound down with the help of a certain wound up
genie (we sure hope he finally got a little afterwards because he sure
deserves some).

Then, the host, perhaps made mad by a combination of punch, the Russian
prince recalling his gf, and the sexiness of the Italian (you can guess
which one), made what might be a fatal mistake. We got this one verbatim:

"Your 'consort'. Could you not find a more suitable candidate? Were
all the brothels in Italy empty?"

Carmine's hand moved at lightning speed and slapped Rodrigo across the
face. "You do not insult my consort. Ever.."

"You struck me!"

"And most satisfying it was, too."

"A duel, then?" Rodrigo asked, touching his burning cheek.

Carmine bowed. "A duel, then. I will be in touch."

It was all quite spiffily done, and not many heard or saw the cause,
but everyone knows that until and unless Rodrigo and Carmine end up in
bed together, or one of 'em end up dead, this feuding WILL go on.

We'll report on the details of the duel, who the seconds will be, and
maybe even manage to get magicked up so we can feed the duel on the
web! And, say, Mitch, what's the line? Is Vegas taking bets?

As if a duel wasn't enough to end the night, Orsino Fonti, long time
pal and second mage to Carmine Abrizzi, had had enough. We gather the
final straw was his prince announcing that Nimue was now Consort without
bothering to alert even his closest friends. The breakup involved
spiked punch all over the prince and the consort. Orsino has now
officially moved in with his sugar daddy and hottie maine squeeze. Go

The rest of the night involved rolling out the drunks, casting out the
garbage (apparently this included some odd kid named Masquerade) and
hittin' the road Jack.

Hope y'all enjoyed it. Sorry that the poor Prince of Spain was left
with an empty bed and a castle full of wolf-pee soaked draperies, not to
mention worryinb about a duel, but there you go.... It was a Quillings
party after all.

Til next time kiddies. Make love, not war! Make babies not bombs (or
at least, practice, practice, practice!)!


Just wanted to say.........

that I thought the idea of Inksplots was cute:)

Re: Just wanted to say.........

thanks! every once in awhile I get inspired ;-)