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USA - Third World Country

"I completely agree with both removing women's suffrage and coupling voting rights with property ownership. I am always hesitant to admit my views on the suffrage movement, but I strongly feel that our nation made a grievous error when we allowed women many of the same "rights" as men. First off, I think that voting should be a family affair with the wife putting in her input, but the man ultimately deciding on which candidate he votes for. I think women are too emotional and often vote for the "bleeding heart liberal" cause because it feels right to them. When I tell folks my view on this they always ask if I vote. Yes, I do because my husband wants me to."


Wow. Patriarchal. Privilege. Yes, because the "rational" menfolk never do idiotic things like vote for a leader based on flag-waving and perceived threats or do stupid things like start wars. Yes, compassion and feeling really are weaknesses and impair the judgment of silly women who should instead follow the leadership of their strapping manfolk. Fuck!
Almost makes me prefer the Victorian argument for women's suffrage - the one that said women were more moral and would be less liable to corruption.
that's sad.


I'm sorry Majkia, but I think the barbarians are probably inside the gates ...

I am so flabbergasted that I think I need a cup of tea and a lie-down before I hurt myself *sigh*


Wow... the dominist propagandaists really did a number on her mind didn't they.

What's scary is, she's probably not alone in her views.. in fact I should think that there are lot who'd support them. Not a majority, just a large minority... and vocal enough to give the apperance of a majority.

Which would be enough for the republicans to justify adopting such policies... after all, women vote for the wrong candiates as they said... and that's a hook designed to snare the interest of the republicans if there ever was one.

welcome to new american century...funny how it looks like the 18th century.
Good grief!

Sad to say,there's a group of women in Canada called "REAL Women," who might sound similar to that.

What is the source of this quotation? I clicked the link, but it's not sourced there either.

It is number 18 on the list in this post.

Granted, this is just one woman. But honestly, I cannot even imagine the sort of mind who wants to disenfranchise herself.
In the Netherlands we have a political party opposed to women's suffrage. They had also for a long time forbidden women to join the party, but since this is deemed illegal (and their subdisy was in jeopardy - all political parties with a minimem of members get subsidy) they just allowed women as members. But they are still not allowed to hold office.
There stance on women's suffrage, it is now legal so all women should sign their voting right over to their husband or father and he will vote for this party.
The party in question is the SGP - Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij. They are also in favour of censorship of unchristian books in schools and libraries, of closing entertainment and shops on Sunday. And they believe that our royal family has a mandate of God to be our rulers.
Their position in Dutch politics is about the same for the last decades, 1 or two seats in parlement.
The one good thing you can say for them is that they have a very good trackrecord for environmental care. They take the order that we are keepers of the earth seriously, and they also oppose rampant commercialism. But that is not enough reason to ever consider voting for them..
wow, an actual political party espousing this. Here they are a minority in the Republican party, thankfully.

an actual party

yeah, but remember we have many more political parties playing in Dutch politics. Some exist only 1 or 2 election rounds, did is a steady one, founded in 1918. It is very church centered.