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Army of Ghosts!

Woooo Hooooo!  Goin' out with a bang!


This is a classic again, isn't it? I am very pleased with the new Doctor.
And to be honest: I am also pleased with the VCR so I can rewind sometimes. Sometimes he speaks so quickly that I have to run it again to understand it all. *grin*

My reaction at the end of yesterday's episode: "OH NO!!!"
Yes, I've been delighted with David Tennant's doctor. As for rewinding, hah! Me too. I miss quite a bit given his fast speech not to mention accent (to me). Also, some of the slang takes some thought, and even some googling!

The only disappointment I had with Army of Ghosts is that Captain Jack didn't show up. But with luck they are saving him for the last episode!

Can't wait for Torchwood! Hopefully it will come on soon and tide me over until the next Doctor Who season.
Spoken as a true addict. I am glad I am in good company. :-)