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Perp Identified!

So, Jim put a boat anchor on the bait fish tank last night.  I went out to check it this morning and the anchor was in place.

Just got a call from the neighbor, who spotted a North American River Otter on the bait fish tank!  Alas, he couldn't get a picture, as about that time I came out of the house to give the dogs cookies and send them to go potty.

So, so far so good. We know the perp and can guard against his pillaging. Yay!!!


Silly me, here is the answer, I should have read this before I commented in the previous post.
It looked like your comment was made right about the time I was writing the update. Hah!

Instant gratification takes too long...
You know, I'd be tempted to leave some bait out where the otter can get to easily... just so that it'd keep visting! [well, and leave the harder to get into tank alone too.]

But then, I like otters.
Crafty little devil, isn't he?

I am glad you know what is doing this, though; and that is not any of your neighbors.

But a video of that otter sneaking the fish out of your bait tank would be so cool!
You otter have known that.
glad you figured out who it was and can prevent further theft.


Off Topic: Did you know ...

That California has a 'Vampire Slayer Act'

*looks innocent while grinning widely*
You have to just enjoy the poetry of the moment ...


Re: Off Topic: Did you know ...

oh hah thanks for that Curious!