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Look, I really really don't need to be reminded I live in a state with a Bush for Governor.  But the latest Florida state supposedly helpful public announcement is.... simply bizarre.

It starts out telling everyone that those who prepare for disasters (and it shows hurricane like stuff) are shown to survive better than those who don't.  So be prepared.  Have a plan. Have your kids know.... blah blah blah, all good stuff really, even if it is obvious. But at the end it adds, "So if the disaster is a hurricane or a terrorist attack...."  WTF?  I'm absolutely positive Niceville is right up there on the terrorist charts of best places to strike:  right next to that Amish Popcorn Factory in Iowa.


dear Majikia,

didn't you pay attention? "all terrorists hate America (or in case of homegrown one, maybe just what America has become). Therefor, all Americans, at home or abroad have to be constantly afraid of terrorists (and gratefull for the Bushes of protecting you).

yes preperation overall is good, but I am afraid that in case of a real terrorist attack you cannot be much prepared. I mean, what can you do when the building you are in collapses or your bus blows up? Carrying around a first aid kit, a torch, water, a bit of food? But even then I think it is limited good you can do.
I know. Isn't it bizarre? The only thing I can figure out is that it is a coded political message, and an attempt to keep people terrified.

When the Cold War was on, there was some reason to worry about us getting hit, since we have two major US military bases here. But somehow I don't see terrorists hitting strategic resources. They want symbols, and there are a whole lot of bigger symbols that little us. Even in Florida.

I remember, not long after 9/11 talking to a guy who lives in the tiny town of Crestview, about 20 miles up the road. He was terrified terrorists were coming to Crestview! Uhm, get a grip.
for my (MA) thesis I refer to lecture Wole Soyinka has held for the BBC radio (the Reith lectures, every year a new prominent figure holding 5 lectures, first one to kick it of was Bertrand Russell). Anyway, his series was called Climate of Fear and was precisely about how language can be used to make people so frightened dialogue becomes impossible and they gladly give away their freedoms in the hope they will gain safety.