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US Politics

In the state of Connecticut (where I lived until I joined the Military and where I kept my residence until moving here to Florida) they are having a feisty Democratic Primary. 

Lieberman vs Lamont. 

I'm following it quite closely, and I confess to being on of the Lieberman haters (see this article in the NY Times)

My hatred did not begin with his support of the Iraq War, it began with the vice-presidential debate in 2000, when he deferred to Cheney as if that tub of disgusting poop was some sort of statesman and didn't do a damn thing to help get Gore elected.

I confess that the godfather kiss increased my visceral disgust with Lieberman, and now his attitude of 'I understand how the world works and all you disgusting bloggers and party activists have no clue' makes my blood boil. 

He's the poor little guy picked on by the bullies, an attitude we see all too often in the US, the 'I'm the victim here!' way of thinking that shows up in so many contexts:  from battering husbands (she said something awful so I had the right to beat her to a pulp - much like the attitude about Zadine head-butting Materazzi in the World Cup Final), to so many Christians who insist that they are victims because the rest of us don't think they have to right to tell us what to believe and how to live, right on up to Lieberman, who is the 18-year Senator who has said, pretty much, that the upstarts in the Democratic Party do not have the right to question him, or to demand he actually represent the people he is supposed to.

And that if he loses the primay he will run as an independent (but stay a Democrat) as if primary voters have no right to oust him for an alternative.

Wow, that got wordy.  Anyway, just had to get that out.  Rant/off.


This morning I was reading the introduction to a book about a a psychosis (an autobiography), It is written by a Dutch sociologist. He contemplates on the worst crime against humanity of that time, that is in the sixties and it is the war in Indochina, as he called it. He grinds his teeths and feels deeply ashamed the way the Dutch government so wholeheartedly supported the American government of that time.
I felt so much paralels, I sat there crying.

(then I decided to put the book away and place firm guards on the borders of my sanity, even if it means staying ill-informed)