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The Israeli ambassador to the UN - "Hizbullah were "ruthless indiscriminate animals", he told reporters.  .... If there's a ceasefire while this cesspool continues to fester, we'll leave Hizbullah with the capability to do time and time again what they've done this time.""

I find this horrifying, considering why Israel was created in the first place.  Now it is Israelis who are saying some humans are more humans than others. 

I guess all those civilians and babies they've killed are animals too.

I know the US does a good job of dehumanizing its enemies -ragheads, hadjis whatever - and I know it is a tactic of war so that soldiers will kill the enemy and not be bothered by their pesky consciences. But to hear Israel, of all countries, following along with this tactic. It's ... creepy.


Thank you for saying that! I have often wondered why a people who have been so persecuted would then turn around and do the same thing. I know they will protect and say "but it is not the same". Excuse me ... but ... yes it is!

I am telling you ... I have a feeling we are getting so close to the point where we are all gonna blow each other to smithereens.

We can only hope that what comes after us is smarter than we were.