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The Eyes Don't Quite Have It

So yesterday I went to have my eye exam.  Of late my glasses have been bothering me, not to mention my eyes. I've been thinking the problem with the eyes are mostly allergy related but I worry.

Both of my parents lost their sight to macular degeneration so that is my fear, that I will develop that too.

I'm happy to report that the doctor says my eyes are at least 10 years younger than the rest of me.  Hmmm.

No precursors to eye disease, my optic nerve in both eyes are in great shape.

Alas, he used some special stuff to dilate my pupils to do a really thorough exam since I told him I was concerned about it, and he told me it might be TWO days before my pupils shrink to normal. 

Uhm. So this morning, I still can't see worth a flip, and yes, they are still dilated for all they are worth.

But my new glasses are ready so I need to go get a second mortgage on the house so I can pay for the bloody things.  Seriously, glasses are bloody expensive.....Okay, well, I did pick an expensive frame, but still... And this expensive frame?  they are frameless!  argh.


oh, I remember those eyedrops. The last time I had them as a kid.
I went to the eye doctor with my mother and he told her I had to have the drops and than it would take half an hour before the test could be done. What he didn't tell me that after that I would still be blind as a bat and in no fit state to get home on my own. So my mother went shopping and home, leaving me to my own devices. After the exam I noticed that the world was still dangerously vague. I believe I went to the library and asked them to phone my mother. (pre mobile phone era, and in a village)
Ah yes, bikinis, eyeglass frames, and art... all examples of the dictum: less is more, as applied to price vs quantity.

Hmm, if your eyes are 10 years younger than the rest of you, and presumibly aging slower, does that mean that when you do die, there will be a pair of disembodied eyes wandering around for 10 years?

still, yay for no blindness! At least in the long run. Think how much you'll appreciate being able to see when you can again.