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One Last Update for the Day

Bad news from here. After saying all day that Ivan would weaken, now they
are saying it could actually strengthen before it makes landfall. Great,
just great.

Heard from a friend trying to evacuate. She reported traffic on I65 headed
northward to Montgomery Alabama was creeping along at 30 mph. She'd been on
the road for hours in that traffic. Also, local authorities were advising
people to avoid several northbound local roads. Same ones that were totally
frozen for hours for Opal evacuations. Well, duh. But in their wisdom our
great county commissioners would rather pour their money into advertising
our tourist industry than improving the roads to let those of us who are
here get the hell out of dodge if we need to. Typical.

Going to put it to bed. Whether or not I'll sleep.... I'll be reading Jim
Butcher's Harry Dresden series. Hopefully that will let me get my mind off
things for a bit.

Thanks for all the responses from those reading these updates. Let's hope
everyone down here come through this fine. We all appreciate all good
thoughts, magic, or prayers aimed our way.


My daughter, the weather witch, was saying that Ivan seems to have a mind of it's own where it's going and what it's gonna do. [I actually had to pull her up short for use of "colorful metaphors".] There's a whole bunch of us pagans doing our thing to try an deal with it, with notible lack of success so far...

Having said that though, it could just as equally swing away or weaken. Be well and be safe.
I've tried some weather stuff myself in the past, but as you say, the really big storms are pretty much independent and have a mind of their own.

Please tell your daughter, and any other Pagans trying to work on it to focus on suppressing its strength, if that isn't where they're focused. as I think that is more doable. Thank them all for those of us in Ivan's path.