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Nano planning

I've posted to hoolihans that I am thinking of writing Julian's story for NaNo

Here's what I'm thinking:

I don't see Julian as being all that willing to share all his shit.

So maybe I should write this not from Julian's POV but maybe from Trevor's? From his or from Nyree's. But Trevor is in a better position to know more. He was a cop, and Julian showed a great deal of interest in him, even so far as bringing him forward in time. So it seems he would have been far more motivated to learn things about Julian whereas Nyree is far more present oriented. I just don't see her as being interested enough in his past to push to learn more.

Thoughts anyone?


I think you are right to use another's point of view to tell Julian's story. There is NO way he would be willing to relate that much of his life to ANYONE ... including you!

But didn't Julian have a friend named Max? I seem to remember that Max knew more about Julian than anyone else. Could you not use Max to tell Julian's story? Correct me if I am wrong.

And speaking of Julian ... 3D characterization is almost finished! You have no idea how hard it was to find a stinkin' top hat! You have a prezzie coming for Teh Holidaze ... (-:
yes, his friend Max. But Max only really knows of Julian's life as child and then emperor. He won't know much since then.

OOO Teh Holidaze.... :-)))))