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Repent you Hindu Heathen

Yet another heathen got elected. The concession email from his opponent is printed HERE.

What is it with Republicans? Do they think they are running to represent Heaven (and of course only their version of it) or the US which CLAIMS to have religious freedom.

Yet another part ripped out of the Constitution.

"The race of your life is more important than this one - and it is my sincere wish that you will get to know Jesus Christ..."

Oh, they'll say (and have often said to me) it is the DUTY of a good Christian to try to save souls.

Just STFU already...


Right, and it's the duty of a good member of the Asatru to send as many non-believers to Neiflhelm as possible...and die surrounded by his slain enemys.

So, if you get to try to'save my soul' can I do mine?
I believe Lord Shiva would like to have a little chat with Mr. Anderson. *wry smile*
Not, I'm glad to say, in the opinion of "my daughter the theologian" who is Predestinarian enough to view it as God's business, not hers.

Though I don't think she goes quite as far as the 18th century Baptist ministers who said to the would-be missionary:

"When it pleases the Lord to convert the heathen, He will do it without your help or mine."

(quoted in Richard Fletcher, "The Conversion of Europe", in the context of why the early church, right down to Late Antiquity, wasn't interested in non Romans and even found it necessary to justify preaching to inhabitants of the Western Empire)
Geez, we sure could use more theologians like your daughter.
I have unfortunately not been present when anybody (eg Jehovah's Witnesses) comes to the door. She tends to weigh in with questions about translation - she's not good at languages but did quite nicely thank you with NT Greek, and also usually upsets them by asking which Creation story in Genesis they believe in.

The Greek has led in some interesting directions; she tells me the choice of words in the story of the Centurion and his servant(slave) shows that they were lovers.