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Happy Turkey Day!

To all who celebrate it today, enjoy gobbling. To my friends who don't have a great day.

I am not cooking. We are eating at the neighbor's house. Tomorrow, Friday, we will be hosting a couple from Virginia whom we've known since the early 70s when we lived in Northern Virginia.

Saturday we are having an oyster bash. Anybody wanna come? There won't only be oysters (raw and Rockerfeller) there will also be tons of other food as well, and beer on tap.

Sunday Jim is hoping to take Bill hunting. I think Dale and I will probably just take it easy.

I'm working the Crisis Line this afternoon so others can cook ;-)


I hope your day on the Crisis Line is not full of crisis - everyone deserves a day on which to be stress-free. I know ... I know ... wishful thinking but I can still hope, can't I?

I am not cooking either - unless you count the bread finishing up in the bread maker. I am going to my brother's house for the afternoon. My sister-in-law is a wonderful cook and she loves the whole "entertaining" thing. Me - I am VERY happy to let her! (-:

Happy Thanksving!