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Solstice Tree

I know annef hates hates HATES theme Yule trees but well, that's what we got. Here's one of several shots I'll be posting of the ornaments. All are waterfowl themed. Sorry, Anne!

That's Santa on a Canada goose btw.


pretty :)
That's Santa on a Canada goose btw.

oh please oh please tell me how to get one of those. My friend Susie collects Canada goose stuff.
I wish I could tell you where to get one. I bought it through either, uhm, Eddie Bauer or possibly LLBean one year. I haven't seen them since, I'm afraid.

you could look at ducatalog.com
or cabelas.com or even basspro.com one of them might have something similar
I've never seen one but I'll keep my eyes open. I can get TONS of other Canada goose stuff though :) Hell, I could probably get a Canada goose.
I would be THRILLED. Any Canada goose stuff, let me know about it.

Okay :)
I admit I prefer a bit more variety on a tree but by "theme" tree I meant more those ones with a gold ball here, a red bow there, a white dove next branch down, repeat ad nauseum. At least all your decorations are DIFFERENT.
I LOVE your waterfowl tree!!! Your decorations are all so cool! :-)

My trees are crafts-y. Real popcorn and cranberry strings, real candy canes, folded paper ornaments of various kinds, red and gold bows, bird ornaments of all kinds that I collect, ornaments given to me as gifts, plus appealing odds and ends. Anne has a Harry Potter ornament I'm totally fiending for. She's lucky there's no such thing as a Summoning charm. *g*

I'm being very stern with myself, though: no tree until the church service is finished! :-(

Canada geese make me feel sad now. There's been some cases of people being very cruel to them. I just don't get people who can do things like that. :-(
quite a few of our ornaments were found at craft shows. Back when I was young and silly I did crafts. But I have arthritis in my hands so I had to quit that :-( Oh well.

So put some pictures up of your tree when you do get it up. I'd love to see it.
Happy Holidays!