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Geaux Saints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My god we won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yay! I was holding my breath after the fumble, but they pulled it out.
despite living in Florida, the Saints are really our home team here. most of our TV station broadcast out of Mobile, so it does make sense.

I've gone to home games at the superdome, as do a lot of other people from here.

So I've been cheering for the lowly saints since we moved here in 1983. We've been so used to disappointment... And after Katrina... oh man. we are so ecstatic.
I am a Skins fan since the early 80s. Failing them (and lord have they failed me in recent years), I've decided on an "No NFC East" rule in the playoffs. I will not root for the Giants, Eagles or Cowboys. In recent years, that's turned me into a big Patriots fan. Over Christmas, I was at cross purposes with my Florida residing parents. The only games they sometimes get are the Jaguars. It's a very odd situation down there as far as which games are shown and which channels are or aren't carried by their cable company.

I watched that first Super Dome game against Atlanta and I don't ever remember being that emotionally drained after a football game. So I'm hoping your Saints do well this weekend.
I'm hoping against hope. NO has never played well in the cold.... Nervous.

I am a NE Patriot fan too. Grew up in Connecticut.