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The Bush Surge

 Wow.  We live in a military town. We have three major bases right here. We have an Army Ranger camp, the three Air Force bases, and a Navy EOD (electronic ordinance disposal) school. So it isn't surprising that this place is super patriotic.

So.... Imagine my astonishment when I open up the once a week local newspaper, the Bluewater Bay Beacon and read the page where they ask everyone's opinions. They asked what people thought about Bush's surge idea.

Wow. Only one out of 6 supported it. This is like... like asking elves if they loved Santa. I'm.... speechless (so lucky I can still type, lol)


but will they remaining 5 draw any conclusions from it (like, not voting for anyone with a similar policy)?
yes, that is the question. we are very heavily Republican here, and they did vote for Bush. Even the notorious Catharine Harris, responsible for Bush getting the presidency in 2000 by screwing up the Florida recount won her race here (altho thankfully she lost nearly everywhere else).
I think that part of the problem is that most peopldon't think about consistency of a policy. They judge elements of it. whether they appeal to them. But something like foreign policy is such an immense complex thing, action here has consequence there. It is hard to oversee for anyone, profesionals included, but still, sometimes the complete lack of acknowledging that the great big world has many hooks and angles. (Not claiming to understand all myself, but I do know that is the case)