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torchwood in the rain


one of the folks on a torchwood yahoo group did this youtube video of "The Kiss."

It is gorgeous.

It uses John Barrowman himself singing Red Red Rose.

update: here is the youtube link.


damn... he's got a good voice!

Oh, and that's a cracking icon!
How are you managing to watch Torchwood in the US - isn't it only available in the UK now?
I am downloading a torrent file from the internet. This gives you an avi file to watch on the computer

how weird is youtube?

If one tries to find it again by typing in
red red rose barrowman, it pops up no problem.
There is one that is just the kissing part (that's OK, but I think the really sexy part is the dancing) and if you click on the thumbnail for that, it says you have to be 18 and logged in to watch it. How to protest?