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For You Sinners


Move over Master Card and Visa


WAHAHAHAHAAA! This is absolutely great!!
Okayyy... that is seriously funny.

Hey, i wonder if Republians geta discount rate or something? They sure act like it!
As usual, Canadians are way ahead of the game. We get SIN cards at birth. I have my ORIGINAL SIN. :)
You beat me to it! I was just going to comment on this. I have my original sin card as well.
Mine's a bit battered and torn :)
Hmmm, guess you've got some use out of it then? Sorry, couldn't resist! You hobbled into that one.
I did indeed. :) But now I can probably hobble faster than you can, so be afraid. :)
And yet another Canadian to attest to this. I too have my original SIN card and have had it since birth. Guess that says it all; obviously we canadians use/need it a lot so as soon as we are born, we get one and its good for life.