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Blood Ties

Since I was out of town I did not have a chance to see Blood Ties when it premiered, so we watched it last night.

I throughly enjoyed it. I really like Vickie. She's feisty and grouchy and "Get that girl a donut" made me laugh out loud. - as did several other lines.

Since I haven't read the series, I confess to being a bit confused about some conventions, and about some of the characters.  I still can't figure out the relationship between the lead detective (whatever his name is) and Vickie. Were they married? Or just partners and lovers?

Anyone read the series (I'm assuming it is a series)?  Any good?


Mike and Vicky are lovers. They don't live together in the books. I have no idea, however, at what point in the books the fiction series picks up. Presumably the beginning.

I read the series years ago and liked it a lot (enough to keep reading!)
There are 4 originally, and another published fairly recently that focuses more on another character and which I haven't read yet. The writing, if I recall, is tight and she tells a good story.
thanks for the heads up. I'm assuming Blood Price is the first book, and that sounds like the first episode, so seems like they are beginning at the beginning.
The order is:

Blood Price
Blood Trail
Blood Lines
Blood Pact

I'd forgotten that they were partners!

Vicki and Cellucci were partners and lovers. The first episode is adapted from the first book of the series Blood Price. I'm rereading it now and aside from a few changes, I can exactly where they adapted from. They're available as a series of three omnibus editions. Some people don't particularly like how the books ended, so I'll be interested where they go with Vicki and Henry's relationship. I have my review here and I may rewatch after I've finished reading just for a comparison.
I just got around to watching it last night, too. Very good, I thought, and I have read the series, although not the new spin-off.

Yes, the principal factor that attracted me to the series is Vicky's feisty character.

Be interesting to see where the TV series goes from here.

Have also been following Dresden Files. Have not read Butcher's books, but am now looking out for them.