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Go Pester Someone Else Already!

So here I am, fluey. Feeling like crap. And I'm here on the porch feeling sorry for myself and the doorbell rings. All the way at the other end of the house.

Four dogs go off and race to the door, barking madly, not helping my headache.  I drag myself to the door, fight off the dogs to get to the door, and there are two women dressed like... uhm... Terza. Fashion plate with scarves. In a beach community. My first thought?  Realtors.

Instead the one directly in front of the door pulls out this fancy colour printed paper with, in huge letters, "Jesus" at the top. I can see through the paper and see it.

I say, "Sorry, not interested."

Silence for a second, then, incredulously, "Not interested in Jesus?????"

"Nope. Have a great day."


feel better.
I would have said ...

"Yes, I am interested. And to show just HOW interested I am ... c'mere and let me give you the Kiss of Peace."

Right on the lips.

Reminds me of the time I had some Baptists call on me. "Sorry, not interested," I told them, trying to shove them out the door.
"But we're talking about your immortal soul!" one of them shouted, waving a pamphlet at me.
"Too late," I said, firmly closing the door. "Already sold it."