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Always wanted to learn Latin?

I took two years of Latin in highschool and loved it so, I am going to relearn it.

I was such a geek in high school (and this before the age of computers). I used to do other people's Latin homework because I enjoyed it so much.

Yes, all right, I am admittedly very weird.


Oh, I've always WANTED to learn latin, have two copies of Wheelocks at my house but after I flunked out of latin class (decided to enroll in a college level course without taking any in H.S. PLUS I was older than the prof, I just couldn't keep up..) I never did any more.

This might be right up my alley...
this is the sort of thing I love about the web. there is so much out there for so may oddball tastes ;-)

The instructor is on a totally unrelated list and posted about this, and that is how I learned about it.
Well, I just went and ordered the book. I wonder should I join the list now or wait until the book arrives (I dind't have that edition...)

Thanks. I needed something to shake up my brain cells!
I joined now but no real need until it starts, i guess
I have "Latin for all occasions", that any help?
I have Latin for the Illiterati too but alas, Wheelock's is the text

I have my "Latin for Dummies book".........

works good for me:)