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Oh God!

Since I tend to pick on religion a lot, I thought it only fair to highlight a religion that "done good."

Go Episcopal Church USA.  How odd, that an organization in the US is on the side of the angels...

They stated clearly that women are ordained by God for full membership and leadership in the life of God's Church.

They stated unequivocally that lesbian and gay men are also so ordained.

And they reiterated the deeply held tenet that all God's people, including lay people, should have a voice in how the Church is run - that a few far-away Primates should not control local congregational practice.


My mom is a warden in her local episcopal church... if you gotta be christian it seems like the way to go. most of them are pretty cool. There is a big battle in the episcopal church over this... a number of Diocese are threatening to break away. But I hope they keep it together and keep up the good work!