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When Gods Die - C.S. Harris

This is the second in a series about Regency England.

A woman is found in the arms of the Prince Regent. No great surprise, except she's dead. Did he kill her? Why?  What's up?  How does Sebastian St Cyr get roped into investigating?  Well, a necklace that belonged to his dead mother is around the dead woman's throat.

The mystery was harder to solve this time round than it had been in the first book, so that was a good thing. But I thought politics was far more a central player this time round and I found that a bit less to my liking. I admittedly am not an expert in 1811 English politics, nor, with regard to the Stuarts vs the Hanovers etc etc etc.

Still, there were certainly intriguing bits,where our hero Sebastian discovers a lot of the things he thought he knew are wrong and that secrets abound. Most of the personal ones are not completely answered so I do want to read the next book to find out about them.

This guy is tougher on his clothes than any man in England. No wonder his valet quits.

Interesting view of revolutionary politics though, as everyone is conspiring about everything, what with the war going on with Nappy, spies for the Irish, the French, the Scots too, I suppose. And French aristocracy hoping to regain their country, the people starving while the Prince Regent throws massive feasts to celebrate his ascension, and the mad king is ... where, exactly?

Anyway, those parts of the politics are interesting for me, I just found the bits about the Stuarts more interruptive to the storyline than helpful.