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It's Good to be King!

The Tudors started last night on Showtime.  Wow.

Jonathan is HOT (but we knew that already).  The show was amazingly rich - in visuals, in dialog, in action. Jousting included. I wondered in IM if Henry VIII had really jousted and annef  found some historical examples of the fact that yes, the lunatic put his life on the line in the lists.  The jousting shown, too, was not the mamby kind. Brutal sport.

The episode began with an assassination - in Italy.

Wolsey is a real slime bag. The Tudorian equivalent of Karl Rove.

Lots of political intrigue, plots within plots,and Henry makin' babies all over the place in other men's wives and daughters.  As I said, "It's good to be king."

Jeremy Northam as Thomas More was wonderful, btw. Great choice for that part.


At times like this, I........

do wish I had SHO:(